End NUISANCE Barking For Good

Our furry friends love barking, but nuisance barking is identified as a major behavior problem that affects 1 in 3 dogs. We'll help you find a safe and humane bark control solution for your dog. The tools we review include only the best ultrasound, spray, vibration and static stimulation collars.


Our furry friends are always barking their way in and out of trouble, and this is just one of the ways in which dogs communicate vocally with humans, besides sounds like howling, whining and growling. Learn why your dog might bark too much.


As much as we love our little furballs, they require proper training at a young age to ensure that they aren’t keeping you up all night with their incessant yapping. Bark collars are a safe, humane and highly effective training tool.


When it comes to bark control collars, we all want to know what the stimulation actually feels like. Here you can see a real life test of 3 types of collars, a PetSafe spray collar, a PetSafe static correction bark collar and a SportDog remote e-collar with a vibration mode. You can find the specs and features comparison of those collars, or read about each collar in detail on our website. If you decide to go for an e-collar, make sure you learn how to use it properly and only use it on the lowest levels of stimulation.  


There is a common misconception about e-collars being shock collars. We endorse only safe and humane training tools and want to make sure that everyone who uses e-collars knows how they work and how to use them properly. Thus, we offer you this quick overview by someone who we respect and admire - Tom McGovern,  the Head Trainer at Off Leash K9 Training. They specialize in bringing military/police-level precision obedience to household dogs. If you plan to use an e-collar for bark control, do check out some training videos and make sure you can use it properly.


As dog owners, we are naturally concerned with our pup's well-being. Safety first! That is why the collars we review are harmless and have tons of safety features - nonetheless, it is possible to get hurt even with a plastic spoon, so make sure you read the instructions, test the collar on yourself first and use it properly. Options include vibrating collars, spray collars, ultrasound collars and static collars which we review here. On this video you can see a review of a spray collar from a real dog owner - Angie, check out her channel here. And if you feel like you need to see more real people test collars out, just take a look at our playlist.



Dogtra YS300 Bark Control Collar Review

For training small to medium-sized dogs, the Dogtra YS300 Dog Collar emerges as a very promising option available in the market.

What is particularly great about this collar, is that its various features work together to expressly focus on non-stop barking, so the dog is never confused about what the undesirable behavior is. 

Petrainer Bark Control Collar Review

This top-notch remote control bark collar is equipped with the latest technology and training systems and a mind-boggling array of options for the dog trainer to choose from based on their own training preferences.

With a remote range of 900 feet, this upgraded model boasts of a waterproof collar receiver and comes with four inbuilt modes: beep, light, vibration and shock stimulation. As for the levels of correction, this collar offers a whopping 100 levels to choose from. 

PetSafe Elite Bark Control Collar Review

If your furball is on the larger side, weighing in at over 40 lbs and with a neck size up to 28", the PetSafe Dog Collar is probably the best bark control collar for him or her.

An unobtrusive device that does not get in the way of the dog’s play or movements, this lightweight collar lets you choose from ten levels of progressive static stimulus as a correction to deliver to your dog, in order to curb nuisance barking. 

SportDOG NoBark Bark Control Collar Review

The SportDOG NoBark Rechargeable Collar is hands-down our top pick for a anti-bark collar.

There are a variety of features attesting to why this is a top pick. We go into further details regarding the pros and cons of this anti-bark collar below. 


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