Train Your Beagle for Consistent Recall, Off Leash Obedience
and Zero Unwanted Barking Within a Week
Using This Training Tool

As a hunter and a beagle owner, you need your dog be able to obey commands reliably. Every time.
Imagine your beagle off leash for a second...what does he/she do? How do you feel? Frustrated? Disappointed? Worried?

And now imagine your dog staying calm and focused, obeying your commands with military precision. You are focused on the game.
You are in control. Feels good, don't it? But takes a lot of time and effort to train.
There is a shortcut, however, that helps you teach your beagle to obey commands precisely and let's you rely on your dog just like you rely on your gun within just a week.

Things You Can Easily Train Within a Week:

Wonder what tool can give you results already this week? The answer is a training collar. It is a very effective tool that the majority of K9 trainers use daily on thousands of dogs with various temperaments to reliably train for military precision obedience. So what are the benefits of training with a collar vs training without one?

Here is what renowned trainers like Larry Krohn, Tom McGovern and Ed Frawley have to say about training collars. 

Keep in mind that when working with a training collar, you need to make sure that your dog already knows and understands the commands you are trying to practice with the collar. Always try the collar on yourself before putting it on your beagle, so that you know exactly what the stimulation feels like. Now, here are the three best training collars for beagles that will help you take obedience to the next level. Fast.

#1: Remote Vibration Training Collar - Petrainer Electric E-Collar

This training collar is excellent for beginners who are just starting collar training, and want to get a taste of it. It's simple to use, and 100 levels of customization give you plenty of room to experiment with vibration, tone or static stimuli to figure out what works best for you and your beagle. The quality and design are not top notch, but you get a good collar for the price and it does the job well.

  • 900 feet range
  • Waterproof
  • Transmitter and receiver can be charged simultaneously
  • The control buttons can't be locked
  • Not the top quality materials
  • No separate buttons for each dog (if you have 2)
  • Vibration, Tone and Static Stimulation
  • 100 levels of stimuli customization
  • Adjustable strap that fits dogs any size weighting over 10 lbs
  • The charger only charges one collar at a time (if you have 2 collars, got to wait)
  • There is a light option but it's useless
anti-bark collar

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#2: Remote E-collar - SportDOG Fieldtrainer 425

When it comes to training collars for hunting dogs, SportDog is hard to beat in terms of the variety of offering and customization. SportDog has you covered for anything from a simple yet robust tool for training in your yard, to a sophisticated multi-dog bear hunting training system. Here we will focus on a collar that is in the middle and offers the best bang for your buck. It will suite seasoned hunters who are after small game. 

  • 1,500 feet range
  • Rechargeable transmitter and receiver
  • Expandable to 3 dogs with the same remote control
  • A few reported battery problems
  • 7 levels of static stimulus
  • Built-in vibration mode
  • Waterproof and submersible to 25 feet

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#3: Remote GPS Collar - Garmin Alpha 100

The last on our list of the best training collars for beagles is widely recommended by professional hunters, the Garmin Alpha 100 - and this is a beast. This collar might be overwhelming and frustrating for recreational hunters as it just has too many extra features, but a good investment for Pros who need a GPS tracker anyways, and can get a quality 2in1 here with plenty of cool features. 

  • 9 miles of range
  • Simultaneous tracking of up to 20 dogs
  • 18 levels of momentary and 18 levels of continuous stimulation
  • 2 stimulation modes: quick and linear
  • Tone and vibration warnings before static stimulation
  • Track your dogs' speed and distance traveled
  • Initial map setup and user interface navigation can be frustrating
  • Price
  • Preloaded 100k TOPO U.S. maps
  • Track dogs in real time with a satellite view even with no internet or phone signal
  • Rescue mode for extended battery life
  • Organize routs in advance and share with friends via free trip-planning software
  • Transfer your routes to a computer via topographic 3-D map data with contour lines and elevation profiles
  • Touch screen is not that convenient for quickly switching between levels - not suitable for puppy training, and you can't use it with gloves on

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Still Not Sure You Need a Collar? Check the reviews below!

So, are you ready to turn your beagle into a performance hunting dog a week from now? Then join the community of hunters who have already transformed their training and take frustration out of your hunt!

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