Dogtra YS300 Bark Control Collar Review

Dogtra YS300 Dog Training Collar Review

For training small to medium-sized dogs, the Dogtra YS300 Dog Trainer Collar emerges as a very promising option available in the market.

What is particularly great about this collar, is that its various features work together to expressly focus on non-stop barking, so the dog is never confused about what the undesirable behavior is.

By delivering a vibration as a warning to the dog before the actual electric stimulus, the dog trainer collar reinforces the message that the incessant barking or the undesirable behavior that triggered the correction, is what needs to change.

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In addition to this, it is also equipped with a sound recognition and filtering microprocessor that is able to differentiate between ambient noises from your dog’s barking, so that only the latter can be expressly targeted for correction.

With a battery that can be recharged extremely quickly and six levels of varying intensity to choose from, this Dogtra collar has a lot to offer. Here’s a breakdown of its benefits and shortcomings:

What We Like About The Dogtra YS300 Dog Trainer Collar

Specifically Targets Your Dog’s Barking

During training, your dog receives a warning vibration before the actual correction is delivered, at the intensity you have chosen. This ensures that the dog pays attention and registers what the problematic behavior that needs to be corrected is.

It also comes fitted out with a self-activated sound recognition and filtering microprocessor that can help tell the dog’s barking apart from any other surrounding barking or noises in the environment at the time of training. This non-submersible technology developed by Dogtra is a patent-pending technology.

This is incredibly important considering the fact that many other dog trainer collars in the market have been reported to get activated due to “external” sounds or vibrations which could trigger the dog trainer collar unnecessarily and impart the wrong training.

Lastly, this electric collar offers the trainer or dog-owner the option of six levels of intensity as a correction for their dog, depending on the temperament of the dog being trained. Therefore, you can constantly adjust the settings of the dog trainer collar depending on how your dog responds to it.

With the combination of these three heavyweight features, this dog trainer collar ensures that your dog has absolutely no doubts about what the purpose of the collar is.

Well-Suited To Small, Sensitive Dogs

Dogs who have separation anxiety, have undergone trauma or are generally very sensitive will find that this e-collar can work around these challenges, while still making sure that the training is successful.

It’s especially important to buy the right collar for dogs that have undergone some sort of trauma when they were younger because a dog collar’s training can have lasting effects on the dog which can even cause permanent, damaging changes to its character, which you do not want.

This intelligently-designed Dogtra e-collar has the sensitivity to help train small to medium-sized dogs, even those weighing as much as 10 lbs, who are easily agitated, or whose temperaments could be classified as delicate.

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Quick-Recharge Batteries

The lithium polymer battery of this powerhouse can charge to capacity in two hours flat, and this dog training collar also comes with a tri-color LED battery-life indicator so you know when you’re going to run out.

The LED battery-life indicators are amazing because you don’t want to run out of battery at the wrong time and have the need to charge the collar just when you need it the most!

What To Lookout For In The Dogtra YS300 Dog Trainer Collar

Negative Reviews Of The Stimulus Level

Some of the negative reviews of this product might make you wary, as they have reported incidents of malfunctioning. While some have complaints about getting the e-collar to work outside of vibrate mode, others complaints include too strong a stimulus being administered to the dog being trained.

This is literally the last thing you want as it is extremely important that the trainer or dog-owner is in complete control of the device at all times and the dog is never harmed in any way.

30-Day Return Policy

Another caveat in an otherwise promising product is that the buyer only has 30 days after making the purchase to return a defective dog trainer collar. This proves to be extremely problematic in case issues with the collar develop after this point.

To make the best of it, make sure that you keep your shipping label safe along with the receipt in order to not waste any time and money in case you have any issues within the first 30 days of purchasing the product.

Buying Advice For The Dogtra YS300 Dog Trainer Collar

The Dogtra YS300 dog trainer collar has some excellent features for small-sized, sensitive dogs, or those who suffer from insecurity or separation anxiety. The warning vibration before the stimulus, the self-activated sound recognition and filtering microprocessor to target only your dog’s barking and the choice of six intensity levels all contribute effectively to this.

The quick-recharge batteries mean that the Dogtra YS300 is always charged when you need it and you’re not trying to shush your dog while your dog trainer collar is charging, which makes this a compelling buy.

Dogtra YS300 Dog trainer Collar

This e-collar offers a lot by way of messaging to your dog, but after a look at the negative reviews, it is worth questioning why the price-tag is on a higher scale, given the gravity of some of its shortcomings.

The Final Word

If you have a small to mid-sized dog who has a sensitive disposition, this is the dog trainer collar to opt for. It expressly targets only the barking of the dog being trained, thereby clearly reinforcing the behavior that needs to be corrected.

We suggest you keep your shipping label and receipt handy in case of any issues or defects, though, and to stay alert at all times so that your dog never gets corrected redundantly.

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