Petrainer Bark Control Collar Review

Petrainer Remote Dog Training Collar Review

This top-notch e-collar is equipped with the latest technology and training systems and a mind-boggling array of options for the dog trainer to choose from based on their own training preferences.

With a remote range of 900 feet, this upgraded model boasts of a waterproof collar receiver and comes with four inbuilt modes: beep, light, vibration and static stimulation. As for the levels of stimulation, this e-collar offers a whopping 100 levels to choose from.

With so much flexibility in the training process and with another e-collar, you can even easily train two dogs simultaneously. The rechargeable receiver and transmitter can both be charged at the same time, and this e-collar is waterproof once the rubber has been sealed off.


Due to these and several other features that we elaborate on below, this wireless dog collar is easily the most versatile collar on this list. Whether you want to train or correct your dog for food aggression, excessive barking, leash-training or just to ensure basic obedience so he or she doesn’t run amok, this e-collar can help facilitate the training process many times over.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of this e-collar:

What We Like About The Petrainer E-Collar

Options Of Modes And Levels Of Correction

This dog trainer collar, designed with the latest technology as well as a deep understanding of the process of training a dog, recognizes that each dog is different, and that one size does not fit all. Most importantly, it trusts that you know your dog best and merely gives you the tools that you require to draw your dog’s attention to his or her level of barking.

Thanks to its immense versatility, it lets you customize the training experience according to your dog’s temperament, his or her specific issues that need to be worked on, as well as your own training preferences.

Choose between the four inbuilt modes of training: Light, Beep, Vibration and Static stimulation, and from 100 levels of correction within the last two modes, to create a training environment that is safe, kind and effective.

The variety of levels on offer means that you can tweak the training by making the most minute adjustments, just right to perfectly suit your beloved canine.

Remote Range

This e-collar is well-suited for training dogs at home or in a yard. It comes with small remote, which has a range of 900 feet. This means that even if your dog is across the yard or is a fair distance from you when you’ve taken him for a little stroll at your local park, you always have control over his collar.

Reinforces Training With A Beep

Along with the correction stimulus, this e-collar also emits an audible warning to reinforce the message to the dog during training. While vibrations and gentle stimuli are one method of driving the point home, a non-painful, yet effective method that complements these methods of bark control is through sound, which is exactly what this bark collar taps.

Designed To Stand Out, Even In The Dark

Even in conditions with low lighting, you can easily locate and read this e-collar, thanks to its back-lit LCD display, which “pops” blue in a dark environment and buttons which have been stenciled in white.

While this feature has been designed as an add-on feature to locate your dog in case it’s very dark, we’d be lying if we didn’t say that it makes your dog look super cool as well.

Comes With Warranty And Support

This Petrainer collar comes with a year’s warranty, and once you register it after purchase, you receive an additional warranty of three whole years.


As for customer support, the Petrainer customer service is available over the phone and email five days a week.


Not only can this e-collar be customized to suit dogs of varying temperaments and dispositions, but also different sizes. The adjustable TPU collar strap can fit puppies as well as small, medium and large-sized dogs, who weigh upwards of 10 lbs.

It’s A Steal

At under $40, you’ll be doing a double-take to make sure you’ve read right. For the sort of customizability and cutting-edge technology it offers, this price-tag is more than reasonable. If you’d want to get a dog e-collar any cheaper than this, you’d actually have to steal one.

What To Look Out For In The Petrainer Remote Dog Training Collar

Make Sure You Test The Collar Before Putting It On Your Dog

Never use too high a level of stimulation or leave the e-collar on your dog for more than 12 hours. Before using an e-collar on your pup, test the stimulation on yourself and make sure you always work at the lowest possible stimuli zone where your dog feels the correction. 

Stick to the instructions and take the collar off, say, at night, if you are not using it. Every dog is different, so don't assume your dog will work on a static vs vibration mode if it is larger. Progress slowly and take notice of how your dog reacts to the various stimuli this collar has to offer.

The Remote Could Have Been Designed More Intelligently

While the remote makes it simple to switch between two collars when you’re training two dogs simultaneously, it could have been designed keeping in mind the quick-response scenarios you often find yourself in, with your furry friend in tow.

If one dog suddenly bolts or takes off in a certain direction, you need to be able to gather your wits quickly enough to deliver the correction using the right collar, or you stand to tap the wrong dog. A physical switch on the remote that you can toggle might be a smarter way to go about this.

Similarly, a separate button for the static correction mode would ensure that you administer that stimulus only if absolutely required, and without going through all the four modes.

Lacking Lock Features

In an otherwise brilliantly-designed product, the option of lock features on the remote has surprisingly been overlooked. In case you are carrying the remote in a bag or in your pocket, you might accidentally press a button and deliver a correction to your dog redundantly.

As an animal-lover, this is a massive annoyance, not to mention an inconvenience during the training process, as it could confuse the dog about what exactly he or she is being corrected for.

Buying Advice For The Petrainer Remote Dog Training Collar

This is a fantastic product that ensures that you get to make the final call, when it comes to the sort of correction you want to deliver, as well as the level of the stimulus.

The Petrainer Remote Dog Training Collar truly understands the sheer variability between different dogs, in terms of size, as well as personality. It is jam-packed with features that make it as versatile and customizable as an anti-bark collar could possibly be.


The Final Word

You snooze, you lose. Lap this product up while it’s still available at a wildly affordable rate of under $40, because it is more than worth it for the quality of training experience it can help you shape.

Make sure you keep your eyes open and stay alert even after the purchase, though, because you don’t want to be administering accidental corrections, or the wrong levels of correction to your dog through negligence or carelessness.

Our Rating